About Us


Company Profile

Coleman-Russell & Associates, Inc. is a manufacturers’ representative firm covering Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, and the Florida Panhandle.

The company has been in operation since 1976, and offers all types of marketing services for its manufacturers and customers. In addition to marketing and sales function for it’s manufactures, Coleman Russell also provides timely market information including market trends and market data to the manufactures for forecasting and planning purposes.

Coleman-Russell operates a 29,000 square foot office and warehouse in Birmingham and a 12,000 square foot facility in Atlanta. Shipping and warehousing are offered for those manufacturers who require immediate shipment to the markets that the company services.

The company employs a total of twenty four people. Among the employees there are ten territory managers, seven customer service representatives, four persons in general office/accounting and three warehouse personnel.

The agency is involved in plumbing, heating, commercial, industrial, well, hardware, and retail markets. Vertical marketing is a trademark of the company, which is involved in all phases of the market. Calls are made on contractors, institutional end users, wholesalers, well drillers, mechanical engineers, architects, and developers.

Customer service representatives handle the day-to-day operations of sales, order entry, editing, pricing, delivery, technical problems, and troubleshooting. These operations are conducted by fax, e-mail, and our toll free line. Literature, catalogs, technical data, and general information are also handled by the inside staff. This support allows the outside sales effort to stay focused on sales and offers the customers instant answers by phone, fax, or e-mail.

Line Structure

The company has a portfolio of manufacturers which offers diversification on both shelf and specification lines. The principals of Coleman-Russell & Associates believe that covering all markets avoids loss of income due to financial fluctuations in the economy as well as immunity against dramatic ups and downs in the company’s financial position. This diversification assures our manufactures of continuous, long term sales effort with a steady net income in times of economic stress.

The principals of the company are John Coleman, Dennis Reynolds, and Morris Kay. The officers have together over seventy years of experience in the industry. This broad experience and age spread assure our manufacturers of continued operation of the company at a high degree of competency at all times.

The principals believe in the future. They have invested and will continue to invest their resources of time, money, and effort in order to achieve a favorable financial return for the company and their manufacturers.

Company Philosophy

Coleman-Russell & Associates exists to provide marketing services for our manufacturers. The company’s assets are the portfolio of manufacturers to achieve sales goals and financial objectives is the basis for our success.

Our customers deserve and expect exceptional customer service from our agency and our manufacturers. The prosperity of the company depends on our ability to deliver this basic approach.

In the future our manufacturers and our customers will have wide ranging changes in their needs. Coleman-Russell & Associates will have the flexibility, capability, and commitment to meet these new demands in accordance with our basic philosophy of exceptional customer service.